In an age when traditional media channels have lost their power to capture our attention, marketing professionals are forced to adapt. Now brands are willing to pay millions of dollars for an influencer ad campaign on Instagram.

The influencer marketing industry will reach $ 10 billion by 2020 and will continue to see more growth in the industry and become an efficient marketplace. Instagram is the new travel guide, and influencers’ travel content provides consumers with non-stop inspiration. At its core, influencer marketing is about storytelling.

Topics We Touched On:

  • The secret of a powerful brand
  • Why you need to clarify your vision and message
  • Why content is key to building your audience on social
  • Why you’re doing sales and marketing all wrong
  • What other influencer marketers won’t tell you
  • Do’s and Don’ts in Dealing With Influencers
  • Our secret strategies and favorite tactics and more…


But I am so shy to be an influencer!


You are already an INFLUENCER in the Industry are you in. We asked the audience to ask  themselves the following questions:

  • Which Industry are you in?
  • What is your value?
  • Talk about what you know?

Influencer Marketing Trends and Secrets:

Influencer marketers are becoming guides for users
Video content and podcasts are the main information channel for influencer marketing (your live streams and podcasts)Podcasts will become the new blogs of niche influencers.
Micro-influencers and niche influencers will replace celebrities
Storytelling is “the biggest business skill” in the coming years. And it’s here that influencer marketing can be most powerful.

5 Ways to Use Storytelling in Your Social Media Marketing
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Everyone has a story to tell. Your story has the ability to change somebody’s life.

How are the top influencers able to attract and influence a large amount of people?


It’s all through stories. Everything about them tells a story.
If you don’t have a story you don’t have a message without story there is no brand
They started with personal values. There mission. Their content is focussed around there why.

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The only way to get people to feel anything on a mass scale is to tell them a story. Something to care about.


  • Connects us as human beings
  • Makes your brand more memorable
  • Creates an emotional connection
  • Creates meaning
  • Increases engagement

Storytelling is something that we do naturally. More often than not, we don’t even realize that we’re doing it.
Stories are human. Everyone is a storyteller.
A story creates meaning, creates emotion.
Buying is emotional. They want to feel a certain way.

Story is the best way to build a relationship with your audience. That’s how you get the likes, the shares and the comments and the options to your email list where they want to learn more from you.

People are attracted to stories when you tell a story people are more likely to remember because stories engage people on the emotional level. It allows them to visualize and connect with the person telling the story.


About Storytelling Masterclass Hosts:

Maria Bahamam is an innovative entrepreneur, public speaker, content creator and a woman in Tech. She is CEO and founder of Madam Rotterdam. Madam Rotterdam is a platform that connects tourists, expats, and local businesses together through the use of high tech and AI. Maria is bringing forth the community of Rotterdam and showcasing talent through a series of live stream interviews every Thursday at the Venture Cafe and through a podcast every Friday. Her mission is to inspire people and put more positive content out into the world.

Mike Rynart is a Web Consultant helping people to become more effective online. Mike has been developing for the Web since 2000. He spends his days helping companies to grow their business through engaging tech solutions, and his nights dreaming about how to make tomorrow’s Web sites even better. Mike believes everyone has a story to tell. Your message has the ability to change somebody’s life. Mike’s mission is to help you share yours with the world.

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