SELL YOUR DREAM – Learn how to speak in public!

Speaking in front of an audience can be intimidating, especially if you are new to it. However, the real question is why do we need to speak in public? We do not realize how important it is to speak in public until we are in a situation where we must. For instance: presenting your project idea to your boss, defending your thesis, delivering your pitch to an investor, talking to clients, speaking up in meetings and list goes on ..!

Moreover, public speaking became a commodity in a fast competitive world, there is hardly any place that provides a safe space for trials and errors. It’s like getting thrown into the water without knowing how to swim! and when you finally get the hang of it, you look around and see better swimmers than you which can be disappointing!

That’s why we have decided to bring to you this Summer Public Speaking Class at Venture Café. Where we will teach you how to swim and keep swimming until you master it! Until you master your public speaking skills and understand that it is a working process.

With that being said, who is better to learn from than the ones who made it. That’s why we would love to invite you on Thursday, 23 August to attend the master class given by Rob B. Tol about successful business networking, a mix Entrepreneurship, Personal Branding, and Public Speaking!

Rob is a Dutch networker of the year, through running his marketing-communication consulting business, Rob Tol has twenty years experience working on strategy, positioning and profiling in business and government markets. For many years he worked at ABB and Siemens. He founded the Networking Academy in 2009 and gives presentations and write books about networking.

Brought to you by Maria Bahamam and colleague who joined forces to put together this summer class with the collaboration with Venture Café Rotterdam, because they believe in the importance of public speaking and its potential to transform people’s lives to the better.


You can check this session on Venture Cafe Rotterdam Here!