A  talk  with  Ferlin  Yoswara  the  founder  of  a  Ferlin  Yoswara  Fine  Jewelry !  she  shared  her  beginnings  coming  to  the  Netherlands  from  Indonesia.  Her  life  as  an  artist  and  a  businesswoman.  She  talked about  the  start-up  visa  and her  love  of  her  office  at   CIC  Rotterdam.

A talk with Ferlin Yoswara the founder of a Ferlin Yoswara Fine Jewelry ! she shared her beginings coming to the Netherlands from Indonasia. Her life as an artist and a business woman. She talked about the start-up visa and her love of her office at CIC Rotterdam

Geplaatst door Madame Rotterdam op Donderdag 27 september 2018