Are you Tango lover, if yes awesome keep reading! If not, don’t read this article it ain’t for you!


Now you Tango lovers, you know why you love Tango, simply because when you are in a Tango salon, time stays still. Or as my  Argentine tango teacher once said: “In Tango, there is no past, there is no future, there is just now.” Of course, he was saying with a beautiful Argentinian accent! But let me take you back the beginning and how my sensation with Tango started. I had a dream that I should start dancing. I used to stay up for hours, searching Tango dancing YouTube videos! I was mesmerized by the movements! Right then and there I was in love with Tango.


So it would only make sense to look for Tango Salons in Rotterdam as soon as I moved here! I needed my Tango if I to survive in a new country again. I found a Milonga night among others I’m sure I will share with you about them in the future. It is organized by a local lady who gathered around a group of Tango lovers in the area. She does it once a month. The location was in the maddest of Rotterdam in an old building. Its actually one for the first Ballet school in Rotterdam but the dance space was suitable for Milonga nights too.


Even though the crowd was a lot older but look on the bright side, there will be no creepy guys trying to date you after a dance, which is the case in Mumbai Milonga nights. I can certainly say that the majority of men dance the Tango to be close to a female body.



The night was as a Milonga night should feel like. Men in smarts wear, ladies in dresses and beautiful dancing shoes that complement their legs. People dancing, laughing, drinking, talking and dancing some more. It’s just a vibrant night! I mean don’t get too excited it wasn’t like a Buenos Aires Milonga night with a live orchestra and pianist, there was only a DJ behind a computer deciding on the music.


I have been asked to dance by lovely gentlemen, even though I made so many dancing mistakes, they took the blame and apologized! This Salon costs 6 Euros without drinks. They only accept cash so bring some change, trust me! 🙂 All in all, a lovely experience. Will defiantly do it again. Sidenote if you are lead tango dancer? Shoot me an email! I need you 😉


There are many Milonga nights around Rotterdam. But If you are interested to know which one I went to, send me an email and I will share it with you!



Have a good one,

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