Jeremy Raes the founder of Lizard Apps, a company that designs and develops smart business solutions for large corporations to small businesses. From the analysing the concept to the development and finally to deployment. LizardApps utilizes innovative technology, such as mobile devices, cloud services and its own toolset of well-designed software modules into a custom app for almost any business. LizardApps’ experience in a diverse range of industries guarantees an improvement in almost any process or workflow. We analyze the current workflow and propose an innovative concept without major changes to companies’ processes. LizardApps implements custom and ready-made integration for ERP systems.

Jeremy talked about the idea behind his company name and the culture behind it that helped grow his company in the Netherlands and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Jeremy holds a degree in Technical Informatics form TU Delft University. and studied a seamster in Tokyo working on peer to peer technologies.

We talked about the importance of defining the company culture from the get-go which can help in choosing the right team members. However, Jeremy stressed the point of following your gut feelings when hiring the right person for the job, because it is better to have more workload than hiring the wrong person.

Jeremy talked about his inspirations and his future plans!

To know more about Jeremy Raes and www.lizard-Apps.com

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