Have you moved to Rotterdam with your spouse and you have no idea what is next for you? Rotterdam Partners, Venture Cafe, Madam Rotterdam, IWNG and Expat on the Move are joining forces to help you reinvent yourself and discover your talents. You are going to meet like-minded people and bounce off ideas to get inspired to start a brand new life in Rotterdam. This is your chance to start fresh! Don’t miss out!

Madam Rotterdam is a platform that connects tourists, expats, and local businesses through interviews and connections. She produces a Podcast every Friday and a live stream show every Thursday. The aim is to inspire expats to see Rotterdam through the eyes of innovators, designers, creatives, and locals.

Rotterdam Partners is dedicated to moving the city forward. We focus on Rotterdam’s image and promote the Rotterdam region nationally and internationally.

International Women’s Networking Group Rotterdam is a platform to support women to find opportunities to collaborate and socialize with other professional women.

Expat On The Move is a service to help expats settle in and Tailor made relocation programs starting from Pre-move orientation, School search, Home Search all the way to Departure services.

The Program:

17.00 start program with speakers talk for 5 minutes each and 3 minutes follow up questions ( Read below to know more about the speakers)

18:00 End Program

P.S. We have daycare for kids. So don’t hesitate to bring your little ones with you if you don’t have a baby sitter.

Here is a brief description of the speakers of the events:

Christina Moreno is the founder & CEO of She Matters, a social enterprise recruitment agency with a mission to empower female newcomers to enter the labour market. Christina’s work is driven by her personal experience of overcoming poverty as a teenage mother in the United States, and her belief that empowered women and girls can transform our world. Come learn about her personal journey and the transformative work at She Matters.

Irene Anggreeni, MA dance therapist, an international Rotterdammer from Indonesia. As a former engineer/ academic expat who has been through mental health struggle, she values human connection, community and creative expression. With her wellbeing project, she aims to make mental health problems less of a taboo so that people find it easier to reach out for help.

Kristina Jackson is an American military brat turned expat who came to Rotterdam with her wife who is also from the US. She started IWNG in order to help other female entrepreneurs and professionals to connect and collaborate. Starting this group has helped her find a sense of belonging and community while providing a space for others to do the same.

Shannon Lim-de Rooy moved to Rotterdam from Malaysia 3 years ago, to marry her Dutchman. In Malaysia, she switched careers from Marketing and Event Management to pursue her passion in healthy eating; she became a cooking instructor and author of a bestseller cookbook. Now in Rotterdam, she works part-time in facilities execution as well as promoting healthy Asian food through her cooking workshops and Malaysian pop-up dinners.

Sepideh Zargari is a Dual Career Programme candidates at EUR

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