Duke Urbanik is among THE most fascinating people in the Dutch startup sense. He has so many impressive gadgets under his belt: a serial entrepreneur, a private investor, a strategy coach, a founder of many incubators… At CIC, he has been nicknamed as “the godfather of Venture Cafe Rotterdam”.

This podcast contains so many gold nuggets and Duke has touched on various topics, from art to tech, from entrepreneurship to self-development. Either you are an experienced entrepreneur, a starter in your career, a student or simply you just want to look for something inspiring… you are in a great treat this week!

Duke shared his wisdom on how to build a successful startup with a world-class vision. This is not just a theoretical talk. Duke gave many practical examples from his coaching experience for entrepreneurs. He also walked us through his thought process on how he executes a bold vision with a world-class project in the Burning Man 2020. He also shared his valuable insights into AI. How AI would look like in the future and how it would transform society. And much much more.

This is an amazing one, so sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

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