Jaron Korvinus and Dan Mens are the owners of the StudioSpass, a graphic design agency but that didn’t limit the projects they work on. Last year they designed a living area space at CIC Rotterdam. Their choice of bold colors and creative interior design won them the project.

We asked them about the inspiration behind it. That’s not all we asked them about the reason behind the choice of studying at Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam and why they became designers, to begin with.

They shared a funny story of a project they worked in Osaka, Japan which gave them the opportunity to travel and design in a different environment.

They talked about their role in helping BlockLAB to define its company identity, which is one of the many things that they do within their agency!

Their love for their clients is genuine because they like to call them collaborators because they like to keep their clients close during every step of the process.

Their love the city that gave them the opportunity to start it all, Rotterdam.

They shared their love and concern for the gentrification of the city and where it’s going!

They enjoy their causal drinks in places like and Sunset cafe to show their support!

All in all lovely podcast full new ideas and inspiration

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