In this podcast, our guest Janne Vereijken won Rotterdam businesswoman of the year. Here is a glimpse of what Mayor Aboutaleb said about her from the jury report: “This Rotterdam Business Woman of the Year is an expert in her field and has a naturally inspiring persuasion.

The winner convinced the jury with her enormous energy and professionalism as a businesswoman. Where she has clearly demonstrated how she distinguishes herself in her branch, has developed a scalable business model, and has a clear vision of the future. Janne Vereijken is a role model for others, because she is innovative, progressive, and dynamic, knows what sustainable entrepreneurship entails, and is socially involved in Rotterdam. She easily makes difficult material understandable for everyone. Smart strategies, methodologies, and techniques are her thing. This way the jury knows what design thinking means. ”

Janne shared with us her journey in entrepreneurship! How did she start the Spring Company? What does Innovation mean to her and why did she get into Innovation? How she tackles any client’s problems and her process to help them to help themselves! Finally, She talked about what drives her and her plans for this Christmas!


This is an amazing one, so sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

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