One in two Japanese people are diagnosed with pancreas cancer, which means %50 of Japan population. Erika Hirose a small village girl from the countryside of Japan where you can see Mt. Fuji from everywhere, started her journey after her dad died from pancreas cancer.


She made it her life mission to research find out the reason for this imbalance. She ended up in Rotterdam and started her own business to produce homemade and organic Miso.


Her mission is to help people see food as more than something to eat! But an experience that you will share with friends and loved one! Her company called Wewakeat which means as follows: WAKEAT is a combined word of WAKE and EAT. WAKE has two meanings in Japanese: sharing (分け) and reasons (訳). At WAKEAT also they believe in minimizing food waste. Its called Mottainai* It means “What a waste”. Especially when things are not used the way it should be, or things are undervalued or not respected, we say “Mottainai” in Japan. So let us know what you think in the comments below or shoot us a message with your questions! Happy Watching!

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