We have decided to start a storytelling masterclass for the Venture Cafe Summer School for 2019. It was once a week on Thursdays for five weeks for the month of August. The master class was designed by Maria Bahamam the founder of Madam Rotterdam and Mike Rynart the founder of the Dutch Daily News. They have knocked their heads together to bring their expertise of storytelling in the field of business and the creative fields. Each session is titled differently and carries out a different topic. Starting from storytelling in a pitch, how to define a  company business, branding and ending with social media storytelling. 


The second session is titled “Storytelling in Your Pitch” , the session was hosted by Maria. She explained where the name Pitch came from and then she went on explaining how to create the perfect pitch. How to create a good pitch deck? Finally, what do investors look for when you pitch?

She played the clip below to showcase an example of great pitch. It is so funny and the audience loved it so much! The room was filled  with laughter.

Then she went on explaining tips and tricks of a great pitch such as easy start to a pitch, Don’t Use too many slides, Don’t Use too many slides and gave an example of Buffer who collected 500,000 Dollars investment in 3 months with 13 slides only.  After that, she went on mentioning important points like establishing the need of the idea, use a multilevel structure in the pitch, stating who is the competition, and finally introducing the team to the investors. 

She interrupted the session with an exercise to help the audience members to try it for themselves. Then once brave member shared her pitch with the crowd with a wonderful story about her health condition and how she is using her disability to start a business and help others. 

Lastly, she shared the do’s and don’ts of a perfect pitch deck. 


About Storytelling Masterclass Hosts:

Maria Bahamam is an innovative entrepreneur, public speaker, content creator and a woman in Tech. She is CEO and founder of Madam Rotterdam. Madam Rotterdam is a platform that connects tourists, expats, and local businesses together through the use of high tech and AI. Maria is bringing forth the community of Rotterdam and showcasing talent through a series of live stream interviews every Thursday at the Venture Cafe and through a podcast every Friday. Her mission is to inspire people and put more positive content out into the world.

Mike Rynart is a Web Consultant helping people to become more effective online. Mike has been developing for the Web since 2000. He spends his days helping companies to grow their business through engaging tech solutions, and his nights dreaming about how to make tomorrow’s Web sites even better. Mike believes everyone has a story to tell. Your message has the ability to change somebody’s life. Mike’s mission is to help you share yours with the world.

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